rose | she/her

hi! welcome to my card. i hope you're having a wonderful day! <3
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hi! my name is rose, but i go by a large number of names online! tremolite and rosaceae are a couple of them. ^^

anyways!! some things/fun facts about me, i guess!

★ i'm going to college starting august!

★ i absolutely love video games, music, drawing, and petsites!!

★ i'd love to start seriously collecting pretty rocks, crystals, plants, pressed flowers, just all around pretty things!! i already have a small collection of crystals!

★ my favorite animal is the pika, bird is a tie between crows and bearded vultures, fish is the mandarinfish, insect are bees, flower is the osira rose, and plant is mimosa pudica!

★ i'm kinda really shy and have a bit of trouble responding but i try my best

★ i have two dogs and four cats that i love very much!! i'll put pictures of them here soon-ish!

★ i literally love my interests so much if you ask about them i could probably ramble for hours and then apologize for it

★ i have literally no idea how to fill out an about section! it just feels awkward!!

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my main interests! (in no particular order)

cookie run
witch's heart
demon slayer
fossil fighters
my little pony
genshin impact
the munchables
the legend of zelda
the world ends with you


you've reached the end!! here's some credits that i couldn't directly link to the images due to them already having a link, and a link back to the first page.

also i couldn't figure out a way to balance the text and icons on the last page so. my discord is lumi#6685!